Thursday, September 09, 2010

HNT - Hurricane Earl

We have been bunny-sitting a rabbit named Earl for the past year or so every once in a while when Earl's owner is away on business trips.

When we found out that Earl's owner wanted to find a good home for him, we discovered we had grown attached to him.  So we "test kept" him for a while several weeks back. Alexander was delighted with the idea, and Earl has since become part of the family.

At first we had reservations about him because he seemed nowhere as energetic and outgoing as our previous rabbit, Mister Bunny (who we had for 11 years). But then we discovered it was that Earl had an aversion to the kitchen tile.  Once we placed a few carpets and towels on the floor, linking him to the carpeted areas of the home, we discovered he loves to tear around the place, in a whirlwind of activity.

Interesting that Hurricane Earl is in the news, because, when we let Earl out to romp around the basement in the evening, that's exactly what he's like -- he tears all over the place, jumping over and around Alexander's toys, hopping on the couch, squeezing into the tiniest crevace and getting into absolutely everything.

And, of course, in good-old rabbit fashion, we catch him nibbling on things and destroying them -- like the phone and power cords in the basement.

Thus, Hurricane Earl the dwarf rabbit has found a new home.

In celebration of Earl coming to stay with us, I'm posting a flashback picture of Mister Bunny and I having a little chat.  This was originally posted in episode 2 of my "Spud Wars HNT Saga back on Jan 26, 2006)  I'm sure this blog will include pitures of Earl and I having similar heart-to-hearts.

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