Wednesday, September 01, 2010

It's A Blog Post About A Book

There's a new kid's book out by Lane Smith called It's A Book.

The concept and story are pretty simple: A tech-savy donkey tries to understand what a book-loving ape is doing when he catches him reading a book. It's a simple conversation between the two of them as the donkey attempts to understand what a book does and doesn't do.  The execution, timing and pace of the conversation between the two is absolutely brilliant.

Donkey: "What do you have there?"
Ape: "It's a book."
Donkey: "Do you scroll down?"
Ape: "Nope. Turn the page. It's a book."

. . . and so on, and so on . . .
This is definitely one of those books that will be cherished by book-nerds everywhere and is destined to become an instant classic.

Oh yeah, and kids might like it, too. I can't wait to read it to my son.

Check out the hilarious trailer for the book . . .

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