Thursday, September 30, 2010

HNT - Social Media Week

I started this week on Sunday at Word on the Street, first appearing at the Horror Writers Association booth and then later talking on the Digital Drive stage about how authors can use social media.  Just before we went on stage, Anita took the following picture of the panelists and tweeted it. Somewhat appropriate (and perhaps expected) for the topic we were discussing.

Julie Wilson, Nina Lassam, me, Anita Windisman

Then, last night, one of my social media heroes, Terry Fallis, appeared at McMaster for the Hamilton launch of his new novel THE HIGH ROAD and a special announcement from the Mills Memorial Library about the acquisition of the "Fallis Archives" (a special collection of Terry's writing and memorabilia that will be held at the McMaster Library)

Here's a picture taken of the event, which included a great talk by Terry followed by a book signing and reception which was held in the Lyons New Media Centre.

And one of Terry, his neice Alexandra and I having a bite to eat after the event. (Of course, every time I use "and I" and am unsure of my use, I wonder if Terry's character Angus McLintock would made a snide remark about my use of the language) The picture was taken by library archivist Carl Spadoni.

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