Friday, September 24, 2010

Pocket Books Ad 1948

While I was waiting in my Doctor's office yesterday morning, I had a fun conversation with one of the staff about old books she had recently inherited from her mother. She ducked into the back room to show me an old "reference" book from 1948 about a study on marriage and sex. It was a Pocket Books book.

Flipping through it, I saw the above ad from Pocket Books announcing the bold new format for books (loving the "kind to your pocket and pocketbook" phrase) as well as the fact that new titles would be added each month.

I also got a kick out of the note just inside the front of the book assuring customers that it was the exact same content (word for word) as the more expensive hard-cover version. (Remember, back then, the concept of a mass market paperback/pocket book was new and foreign to most people, having first come out some time around 1939 or so)

Speaking of which, I'm remembering that classic "First IT/Help Desk Call" video about a monk trying to learn how to convert from using a scroll to a bound book?  I still always laugh out loud at the "I 'turn the page?'" line.

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