Friday, October 29, 2010

All Hallows Read - Give A Book This Halloween

I absolutely love Neil Gaiman's idea of giving books for Halloween.  The concept, as suggested, is simple. In the week of or on the night itself, you give someone a scary book.

It's being called All Hallows Read and there's an FAQ on the website and a suggested hashtag of #AllHallowsRead. It's not about having to buy a new book, it's just about giving or sharing a book with someone else -- adult or kid's book, it's about celebrating the love of reading.  Have I mentioned that I love the idea?

I launched a collection of my previously published horror stories, One Hand Screaming, back in October 2004.  Over the years I've received a lot of great feedback from people who have enjoyed it. Even today (with the expansion of it's availability into ebook and via the Espresso Book Machine at retail locations around the world), I continue to get comments from people who read it and quite enjoyed the tales included within.

Thus, in the spirit of giving someone a book this Halloween, though I will be giving someone a hard copy book with a recommendation, I thought I'd share, right here, a free copy of my book with as many people who want it.  Given that it's a backlist title, the ebook has still sold nicely through Apple, Barnes and Noble, Diesel, Sony and Kobo - the price of $0.99 is a pretty decent one and a low risk.

But I thought I'd post a code here that would allow people to download it directly from Smashwords in a variety of formats, for free.

Consider it a Halloween treat from me and a way of being inspired by the great All Hallows Read concept.

So, if you'd like a free ebook version of ONE HAND SCREAMING, simply go to Smashwords and use the following code: WX78G   (Like Halloween candy that you don't need to consume immediately, the code will be good until November 15, 2010)  The book is available in 10 different formats, including ePub, Kindle, Sony, Palm, etc -- so you should be able to read it on your computer/laptop or whatever ereading device you prefer.

If you'd rather listen to some of the stories in audio format rather than read it, feel free to download one or more of the following episodes of my Prelude To A Scream Podcast, where those, too, are free (Although, as of this writing, not all the stories are yet available in audio -- the free audio is a work in progress)

Browsers (a haunted bookstore tale - free audio link)
Distractions (a disturbed writer's attempt to free up more writing time - free audio link)
Nervous Twitching (nobody here but us chickens, running around with heads cut off - free audio link)
The Bogeyman Can (an over the top "control your kid" product for parents - free audio link)
Almost (an urban legend tale from a different POV- free audio link)
Phantom Mitch (a bereaved man's ability to scratch at love beyond the grave - free audio link)
Erratic Cycles (a lonely man is lost on a deserted highway after midnight - free audio link)
That Old Silk Hat They Found (a different way of looking at snowmen - free audio link)
But Once A Year (a man's best friend returns from the grave on Halloween - free audio link)

Enjoy.  And Happy Halloween.

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