Thursday, October 14, 2010

HNT - Father And Son BBQ

This past weekend we took a quick trip up north to spend Thanksgiving with my Mom and help her get the house and yard ready for the fall.

While turkey was the main menu item, we also had a chance to BBQ.  After all, the weather was absolutely perfect for being outdoors.

Of course, every time I BBQ at my Mom's house, I can't help think back fondly to all the times I BBQ'd with my Dad, both when I was little and then later when I was an adult. Some of my fondest memories of my Dad involve standing or sitting near the BBQ and just chatting and enjoying the moment.

Me and Dad at the BBQ, 1998

Alexader, of course, is fond of the BBQ experience and even though he is only 6, he has long been an activie participant in the whole father/son BBQ ritual whether it's at Baba Jean's or at home.  He even has his own little BBQ so he can cook alongside his old man.

Me and Alexander at the BBQ, 2010

I thought it was neat to have this picture of Alexander and I taken at about the same spot where Dad and I did so much BBQing over the years.

I still miss my Dad so very much, particularly when I'm hanging out in a spot that used to be "ours" -- but having Alexander there to share in the BBQing, and create our own new father/son BBQ memories makes it easier, and a lot more special.

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