Thursday, October 07, 2010

HNT - Craft Beer Home And Away

I was in Chicago earlier this week. And when I travel, one of the things I love to do is find and enjoy locally brewed beers that I would otherwise not be able to get at home.

Thus, with my meal Sunday evening, I tried out Goose Island's Honker's Ale (pictured below).  It went quite nicely with the steak and asparagus I had -- a fresh hoppy and malty taste that I'd definitely love to have again. (Of course, I see that Goose Island has a whole slew of other beers - next time, I'll be torn between having Honker's Ale again or trying some of their others)

Then, upon returning home, I enjoyed a locally brewed one I'd picked up at the LCBO last week:  Grand River Brewing's Galt Knife Old Style Lager.  It was interesting that this beer reminded me a bit of the Goose Island beer.  It had a very pronounced hop taste to it, although it was a bit more intense than the US beer.  This brewery is just around the corner in Cambridge, Ontario, so I'm definitely going to check out their other beers -- especially interested in checking out their seasonal Highballer Pumpkin Ale.

In all, it was fun to try out both a local craft beer I hadn't tried before as well as one from Chicago.

And, of course, to fulfill the HNT portion of today's post, that's my hand holding the Grand River Brewing beer.

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