Saturday, December 04, 2010

Blog Cleanup

I realized that I haven't really "cleaned up" my blog in a long time.

I started it back in 2005, chose a basic template theme, and just kept posting random musings -- I've fallen into a pattern of mostly writing about fatherhood, writing, about books, about bookselling and about the publishing industry.

And, of course, over the years, I have added a ton of little widgets and links in the right-hand nav area.

But I haven't really gone back to clean up or even test the links to see if they still point to something real.

I've been considering spending some time to do two things: 

1) Check to see what needs to be updated and purged (at least to make the right nav area a little less messy.  2) Update the Blog (for well over a year now, Blogger has offered a "newer" or "updated" version for the blog - it would mean completely redoing the blog, and I do want to keep some of what I have in the right nav bar . . .

Of course, the time I'd need to invest in it seems substantial.  Like a home renovation, I'm a bit concerned over being in that "moving furniture, patching the walls and repainting" phase for so long that I end up leaving it that way.

I suppose it's either that or keep adding to the mess (which is starting to bother me more and more) - it's funny to think about how many things in our lives are left in such a state because you first need to overcome the little things that you let get in the way of making progress.

Decisions, decisions, decisions.

On second thought, perhaps this just one of those distractions taking me away from what I was working on earlier this morning -- writing a new short story.


steph said...

Yeah, I dunno if I would bother. I think I'd work on new stuff, like short stories. :) On the other hand, if it's starting to bother you, and increasingly so, I might take the time to edit the sidebar or purge. Otherwise that in itself, the "mess," is distracting and stressful.

PS. Are you certain that updating would mean you have to do everything over? When I update Wordpress, all it does is...update itself. I don't even notice if anything changes!

Sometimes I have to tweak if I use a new theme, but I enjoy that tinkering and it doesn't have to take all that long.

lecram said...

I get that way every 6 to 9 months with my own blog. So, there is always a dedicated "geek day" set aside to take care of it.

Mark Leslie said...

Ugh. I started fooling around and now have this big mess . . .

(I had embedded a WHACK of html into the sidebar over the years and now most of it is missing - sigh)

When will I learn to leave well enough alone?