Friday, December 10, 2010

Book Posters From Postertext

I caught this via a friend's link on Facebook -- Postertext allows people to hang their favourite books on the wall with a book's entire text aranged to depict a memorable scene from the book.

What a cool concept, an incredible gift for book lovers, and a pretty amazing conversation piece to hang in your home.

I think it'd be cool if book retailers looked at carrying some of these in stock.  It's too late for this Christmas season, but what an amazing gift. Of course the merchandising possibilities are pretty cool with this, too.

They're also taking requests for books (and, of course, can only focus on classic literature -- likely due to it having to be in the public domain in order for them to be able to use the text)

But wouldn't it be cool if an author or publisher who owned the rights to a book sent them the complete text of their own novel and got them to make a Postertext version of it? What kind of awesome promotional opportunity would that be? Instead of sending out ARCs, you could send posters of your book to some selected places -- perhaps mount them or frame them and give them to your local library, local bars, restaurants or haunts where literary-minded folks hang out.

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