Monday, December 06, 2010

I Took The Plunge

Well, after minimal debate (although it's something I considered for a long time before actually debating it) and some support from bloggy friends, I took the plunge and upgraded from the original Blogger form (my basic beautiful BLACK) and into the new Blogger template.

It's functional, has some neat gadgets - but I'm still not happy with it. I fooled around with it quite a bit the past couple of days, but haven't landed on a look and feel I'm happy with.

Sigh. I suppose that's the reason why I tend to do things like not change my Facebook profile picture (I'm using the exact same one since I first started - the same picture I use for my Blogger profile) - once I start changing stuff I get all sidetracked and lose track of time.  I ended up worrying about the background theme, etc, which, ultimately, is a waste of time.

And now, I can't seem to upload images to the blog (I was trying to upload the Markheadshot.jpg file that I use for my profile almost everywhere -- haven't been able to do it after half a dozen attempts) - Perhaps I'll have to try a different template . . . sigh . . .

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