Thursday, December 30, 2010

HNT - Favourite HNT From 2010

This week the HNT theme is your favourite post from the year.  I spent a bit of time looking back at the HNT posts for 2010, and, while I can say that I certainly enjoy the weekly ritual and all of the personal things I reveal during HNT each week, it's tough to pick a favourite.

So, instead of highlighting a single one, I'll highlight the three F's of 2010 that I quite enjoyed.

HNT - Frightenstein (Originally posted Feb 18, 2010)

This is a post which reveals quite a bit about me - the fact that I'm a big chicken and that's part of what draws me to write scary stories.  The picture my Dad took of me being choked by Frankenstein's monster in Niagara Falls is among my favourites and it also represents one of my favourite memories of family vacation from my childhood.

HNT - Flashblackout (Originally posted June 10, 2010)

I quite like this self-protrait of me pretending to blackout while reading the novel Flashforward by Robert J. Sawyer as part of celebrating the world-wide effort by fans of the TV series based on the novel to get ABC to change their decision of cancelling the show. Though I'm an amateur photographer and lack the basic photography skills, there's something I really like about the simple setup and framing of this shot, especially since I took it myself without any assistance nor a timer.

HNT - Father And Son BBQ (Originally posted October 14, 2010)

This post was a look at the simple joys of a father and son BBQing, and I compared my own experience of BBQing with my Dad to the joys of BBQing with my son.

So there are three of my favourite HNT posts of 2010.

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