Tuesday, March 08, 2011

Read An EBook Week - Whatcha Reading?

Since it's Read An E-Book Week, I thought I'd share what I'm currently reading in ebook format.

Okay, as I mentioned yesterday, I have two dedicated ebook reading devices. But I also have close to a dozen different ebook reading applications on my iPhone as well as my computer.

Most of the ebooks I read, however, are read on my iPhone application for Kobobooks.com.


Because my iPhone is almost always on me, so it's simple and easy for me to use it to read. For example, while at gymnastics with Alexander last night, during the times when he was waiting in line to get on the trampoline or whatever activity they were doing, I was able to easily pull out my phone and read a few pages.

I'm currently reading Dead Man's Song by Jonathan Maberry.

It's the follow-up to his novel Ghost Road Blues, and part of the Pine Deep trilogy. I read the first book several years ago and loved it. I ended up buying the ebook more than a year ago, but only started reading it a few weeks ago. (Yes, it takes me much longer to read the ebooks I've been reading because I typically only read when I'm waiting in line somewhere for brief periods of time rather than longer planned reading sessions like bed-time, etc)

Ghost Road Blues

Maberry is a good writer and this is an interesting series of books about some terrifying activities that take place within a small farming town during the fall in the classic stand-off of good vs evil.

I'm enjoying savouring the reading of the books over time and the fact that I changed it up - read the first novel in mass market, and am reading the second in ebook format. 

(One disappointment with the ebook reading for me is that there is no cover image for the book on Kobo. I know it's a small thing, but if it wasn't for the fact I already liked Maberry and knew I was going to read Dead Man's Song, I wouldn't have bought it - yes, people still judge ebooks by their "covers."

So, what ebook are YOU reading this week?


Zephyr said...

None yet... but I *AM* considering an ebook reader, and trying to decide what I should get. How to decide?

Mark Leslie said...

Yeah, no kidding. That's why the post I put up today includes some links to various ereader device summaries as well as a short video of author Rob Sawyer talking about his own ereader device collection.

The good news is there's so much available you're likely to find something that works best for YOU and your own reading habits. Good luck!