Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Avid Book Buyer

I was reading an interesting article based on a recent Verso survey (which I'll see in more detail next week at Digital Book World) which seems to reveal there is room for an "Indie-branded" e-reader.

From my own recent experience at Titles Bookstore McMaster University, bookstore shoppers DO want the ability to purchase ereaders from bookstores. At Titles, we sold a decent volume of Sony and Kobo readers.

Of course, the old thought that the minute you sell your customer an ereader you lose them as a customer is still present. That being said, there are now more ways to purchase ebooks via your local bookstore, with a few more options still on the horizon. I even caught people whom I know owned ereaders buying physical books in my store, and I'm still guilty of buying books even though I adore my Kobo Touch. So booksellers selling ereaders might not be as cannibalized as was once thought. (This discussion could go back and forth for hours, but that's not what this post is about)

So even though this debate still rages, what particularly caught my interest was a particularly interesting definition of "avid book buyers" as those who buy ten or more book purchases a year.

If someone who buys 10 books a year is considered an avid book buyer, what the heck would someone like me, who easily buys five times that amount, be called?

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Steph said...

Fanatic, the operative root being fan...and proud of it!