Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Magical Bookstore Experience

A video that has captured the hearts and minds of book lovers comes from a small bookstore in Toronto - Type Books.

It's a stop-motion film called "The Joy of Books" and depicts what magic might happen when the owners lock up the store for the night.

It's based upon a similar video depicting a self re-organizing bookcase that they had done.

It's a great video, but if you want to see real magic, check out one of the two locations for Type Books and head into their store and interact with the staff. They'll find a way not only to move a book from the shelf and into your heads, but also transport that book and the author into your mind; and likely in a way that nether you nor the bookseller could have anticipated before you both meet.

Type Books - 883 Queen Street West (where this was shot) and 427 Spadina Road.

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