Friday, January 06, 2012

Positive Side-Effects

I love how, sometimes, the little side-effects of a good thing offer up a completely unexpected other good thing.

We updated the fixtures in our bathrooms over the summer, but were not happy with the way the twisty energy-smart light bulbs looked. Due to the manner in which the new fixtures exposed the bulbs, the curly cost and energy efficient bulbs we used distracted from the look we were going for.

But I didn't want to go back to regular light bulbs.

So, while perusing the lighting aisle in December, I picked up some decorative EnergySaver bulbs from Philips. They were slightly more expensive than the regular energy saver bulbs, but they were shorter and rounder, wouldn't stick out as much and would complement the decorative fixtures. But they still consumed 9W to provide 450 lumens which is slightly higher than what a standard 40 Watt bulb would produce.

More like traditional fluorescent bulbs, when you first turn them on they are extremely dim. It takes a full minute to two minutes before they reach their full capacity.

It seemed annoying at first and I was wondering if we would continue to use them.

Then I discovered the great side-effect first thing in the morning.

Normally, when you get up and turn on the bathroom lights, you're blinded and unable to see because you're going from pure dark to pure light.

But THESE bulbs are perfect because they slowly increase in intensity, allowing your eyes the proper time to adjust.

I LOVE when there's a positive to negative side-effects.

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