Wednesday, January 04, 2012

Podcast Walk-Through About Self-Publishing

If you've ever considered wanting to try self-publishing your book but weren't sure where to start, why try to do it on your own? A podcast called The Dragon Page - Cover to Cover, which is now at episode #459, has long included reviews, conversations with writers of science fiction and fantasy, as well as discussions about writing, publishing and the industry in general.

But the show, which I have been enjoying for a long time thanks to a recommendation from a friend of mine from McMaster, has recently transformed itself.  Starting about 3 episodes back, the show hosted by Michael Mennenga and Michael A. Stackpole, began to focus in on the whole digital books and self-publishing revolution.

Mennenga, who heads up Farpoint Media, is in the process of taking a book he originally wrote 12 years ago (and had a bad publishing experience with), and re-developing the entire work to release as a digital book.  Stackpole, a New York Times Bestselling author who is successful in traditional publishing as well as in the DIY realm of ebooks, is helping to walk him through the process.

The discussion between the two of them, along with a sprinkling of answering questions from listeners and discussing some of the things taking place in the publishing industry, is fascinating to follow.  And if you're curious about the process yourself, I strongly suggest you listen in.

To get started, you might want to listen to these episodes as a warm-up as the weekly journey begins.

Episode 456 (Nov 14, 2011)
 - Mike M discusses regaining the rights to his novel Mistress of the Dragon and the two discuss plans on how the show will be evolving into a DIY walk-through of the entire process as Mike M prepares his novel for self-publishing.

Episode 458: Prepping and Planning A Story (Dec 12, 2011)
- As plans for the Jan 2012 rebuild of Mike M's novel begin, Mike S stresses the importance of keeping notes and particular strategies for planning the structure of the novel and characters.

Episode 459: How and Where To Get Started (Dec 26, 2011)
- Mike S itemizes where Mike M should begin and offers important steps in the creation of a novel. 1) Finish your first drafts FIRST, 2) DO NOT EDIT while working your drafts (it only slows you down), 3) Make notes as you go to fill in/add detail to later (during a future edit)

So if you've always wanted to get a book done, wanted to learn more about self-publishing, or were just curious as to how the whole process works, check out these episodes and then keep checking it out -- or, better yet, subscribe to the podcast and follow along.

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