Tuesday, July 03, 2012

Good Start To Vacation Week

It has become customary for me to book the first week of July off to spend with my son during his first week of summer vacation.

Yesterday, officially the first day of my vacation (but also a stat holiday in Canada, since Canada Day, July 1st, fell on Sunday), was a near-perfect day.

  • I woke up early and spent a couple of hours writing.  I knocked off 1300 words in a new writing project that has been on the back-burner for a couple of months now.
  • Then I spent some relaxing time sitting on the back deck with Francine, having some coffee and chatting while listening to the birds.
  • I got the pool vacuumed and back-washed, then completed some backyard maintenance work that was much needed.
  • Then I went to the Y, worked out and went for a quick 2.5 K run
  • Family fun on the back deck as we had a mid afternoon snack and played Junior Scrabble. Normally either Francine or Alexander win, but this game was a three-way tie. Have never seen that happen before.
  • Was able to knock off a couple of work-related tasks that needed to be attended to.
  •  Spent a few hours cleaning up a big mess of boxes in the furnace room and also showed Alexander my coveted comic book collection. He was particularly excited to check out The Avengers, Captain America and Spider-Man.
  • BBQ'd a wonderful dinner and then relaxed as a family to watch a movie
If the rest of my week is half as productive, fun and relaxing as yesterday (my idea of a good time typically involves all three), then I am going to be able to count this among one of the best weeks off ever.

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