Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Kobo Writing Life

So yesterday, after 6 weeks of fantastic feedback and updates based on more than 50 beta users from around the globe, we launched Kobo Writing Life.

It's almost like the birth of a child; but certainly fun to dream up something cool with a fantastic team of people, and then work with some of the most brilliant people I've ever had the pleasure of interacting with, and launching Kobo Writing Life.  After months of soliciting author feedback, scoping, development and testing, it's great to see it finally out in the world.

Here's a video with one of our beta users, David H. Burton, (pictured above) talking about his writing and a bit about Kobo Writing Life.

Yes, my day job is getting to help authors get their work into Kobo's global catalog.

How cool is THAT?


writer1956 said...

Hey Mark, good to hear you like Kobo writing life. However, if you put up a book, then there is little chance it will be found on their lists unless the possible buyer knows the exact title. After two weeks, my latest title does not show under the categories it was listed under. Where o where do the new author titles go....off to never land I guess.

Mark Leslie said...

Hello writer1956. Welcome to the world of publishing, where 20% of all titles published account for 80% of the sales. If you put a book up, it goes into the main catalog with the millions of other books there - no different than the average title from a major publisher.

Readers will search and find the things important to them and various systems will try to reveal likely matches for their search based on category, keywords, titles linked due to customers who have purchased similar titles, and all kinds of other algorithms which are continually changing.

That is why authors and publishers are constantly doing whatever they can to try to figure out unique, inventive and ingenious ways to draw attention to their work, to perhaps get their titles into that 20% range, perhaps capturing enough of a potential reader's interest to convert them from a browser and into a buyer.