Monday, April 04, 2005

All Hail Pictures of The GroundHog King

It's about time I write a little note about the one, the only Toffee (refers to character from a recent Tim Horton's television ad who was given the nickname of the recent donut flavour).

I'm writing this in celebration of Mathew Growden's ascent into power, as the new Director, Online Product Planning for Mathew, the coolest of cool dudes, has always had the unofficial title, in my books of "Purveyor of Neat Things" - a visit with him is not without learning something funky, cool or just plain neat. He is my main source for learning which comic book characters are next going to be translated into Hollywood movies, after all. I figure it's about time I pay him the homage he deserves. Mathew hails from Wiarton, and for some reason that escapes me, nobody has nicknamed him "Willy".

As I continue to drool all over Mathew the way that that little dog Chester in the Looney Tunes cartoon excitedly hopped up and down just wanting to be friends with that big cool bulldog named Spike ("You and me is pals ain't we, Spike? Ya wanna go chase cars? Do ya, Spike? Huh, huh? Do ya?"), I should mention that a recent HP "Picture Book" commercial using the song "Pictures of You" by The Cure reminds me of Mathew. It's just a guy sitting there, bopping to the music and moving these frames around the screen in which his image is constantly being captured in. Neat commerical, kind of like Mathew himself. Of course, if it really was Mathew in the ad, and not some guy named Francois, there'd have to be cats in the background somewhere, wouldn't there?

Not Mathew, but Francois Vogel, Director of the cool HP ads

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