Tuesday, April 05, 2005

Perfect Evening Out

On Saturday, Francine and I enjoyed the last of our seasons tickets to Theatre Aquarius, in what was one of their best shows this year, I Love You, You're Perfect, Now Change. (My favourite this season was the "Stage Write Series" show Test Drive). It's sad to see another season end - we quite enjoyed it, being the first season be bought season tickets for - normally, we did our best to try to arrange going to each show, but usually only ended up seeing 2 of the shows each season. Having paid for the tickets ahead of time, we were a little bit more encouraged to see each show.

Of course, having Fran's Mom able to look after Alexander has been wonderful. After the most recent outting, we (the parents reluctant to leave our son too long anywhere) were brave enough to stay a bit after the show and enjoy a Steamwhistle beer and dessert at the Junction Cafe across the street. (Reminded me it's where I'll be doing a reading from One Hand Screaming upstairs there in October 2005 at the Aquarius Lounge as part of Kairos Literary Society's Lit Live events this year). We had a fun laugh at the show, nice dessert, good beer and excellent conversation, while listening to the wonderful crooning of a jazz singer in this intimate cafe setting. In all, it was a great evening out with my wife, something I always cherish.

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