Tuesday, June 14, 2005

Connect With Old School Buddies

I don't know how this happens apart from online guerilla marketing, but classmates.com seems to have attracted hundreds of people I went to public school, high school or University with. The only trick is - there they are, registered and waiting - you know they've been online and must have an email address or some other fun contact info, but there's no way to get in contact with them unless you become a Gold member and pay a steep fee. I get emails all the time from these classmates auto-admins- but just get frustrated with the continual tease. Sorry, but I had enough of that type of teasing when I was a single man.

Don't get me wrong - I admire the ability of a company to try to turn a profit. But I also admire a website that offers the same services for FREE to people - I always find it fun connecting with friends I haven't seen for years - okay, it's not always a riot, but at least is always interesting, if not pretty darn cool. For example, people who saw me as a nerd in high school get to see that I grew up to be a nerd as an adult. Plus ca change, plus c'est la meme chose.

So in my own little way, I'm trying to spread the word about this great FREE site graduates.com. Yeah, maybe there's some hidden catch, like perhaps they give your email address to some spam list - but whose inbox isn't already filled with a ton of crappy spam? - what's the harm in getting a bit more if it means that you might be able to connect with friends you haven't seen for years? In any case, I see that one of the things they do to raise funds is subscribe to google's wonderful adsense program - so I'll do my best to return the favour of their free service and try to click on and check out the advertised sites that interest me.

So, to that end, I'm going to post the schools I attended in the hopes that old classmates I knew who went to Levack District High School, Levack Public School or Carleton University find this blog entry while doing an online search and learn about the great and harder to find free service that www.graduates.com offers to get in contact with old friends.

If that doesn't help, I might go so far as to start posting names of old school buddies in the hopes that if they do google searches of their own names (in the manner that Richard Black often does this), they'll find this free service and might be able to get in contact with old friends . . .

I'm just out there, trying to spread some smiles . . .

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