Wednesday, June 01, 2005

Wait a Minute Maid

This morning while consuming my first breakfast of the day (I usually have some cereal, vitamins and a glass of orange juice at home sometime around 6:00 AM, then have my second breakfast at work - which is usually a bagel or english muffin and peanut butter - around 9:30) I marvelled again at the wonderful taste of Minute Maid's new "Simply Orange" It is, by far, the best tasting orange juice I've ever had.

The first time I drank this juice about a year ago, I remember having a flashback to when I was about eleven or twelve and in Orlando, Florida with my friend Jeff Brazeau and his mother and grandmother - we were having breakfast at some restaurant that specialized in pancakes, and I remember drinking a glass of orange juice and thinking: "Wow, so this is what real orange juice, freshly squeezed from florida oranges tastes like." Up to that point I think my only experience with orange juice was from those cans of frozen concentrate or mixing up Tang crystals (as much as I have always loved Tang, I've never tried to use it to clean my dishwasher). In any case, drinking a glass of this wonderful "Simply Orange" juice brings me back to fond childhood memories and reminds me that I haven't seen Jeff in many, many years - I wonder what he's up to now?


mathew growden said...

The funny thing about that Tang FAQ is how they are careful to note that Tang is a "food product"... it isn't necessarily a food... but we do sell it as such.

Michael Kelly said...

Mmmm, Tang!