Friday, June 24, 2005

The Curiosity Shop

Out of mild curiosity, I put a free counter from (wonderful, easy to configure and install counter service -- check them out - they offer free services and excellent more extended services) on my blog just to see how many hits I got. I thought it'd be fun to know. My average unique visitors is something like 3 to 5 people, and page loads usually 5 to 10. Yesterday I hit 115 page loads and 88 unique visitors. I guess using the word penis and "XXX" on my blog attracted some sort of new traffic pattern. Hmm, I wonder what would happen if I used the words breast, sex, orgy, hot naked people and stuff like that? Ah the wonders of the internet. Hope I didn't tick off too many people looking for gratuitous nudity and sex. But, hey, you do what you can to draw attention to your books, right? And since my story collection One Hand Screaming does contain adult situations, like sex with ghosts and other dead people, hot petting and other nasty horror elements, maybe some of those browsers might actually enjoy reading it . . . you never know

"The Ghost in my Dreams" - cool photo by chickencat on Flickr

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