Monday, June 06, 2005

I Was Roastin'

The weekend (which had originally threatened rain and cloudy skies), proved to be a wonderful summery reprieve.

Francine and I wanted to make an effort to do fun things with Alexander, and so, after shopping at Blockbuster (so I could buy Halo for the X-Box, which I'd gotten hooked on after renting it last weekend - Yes, I mean Halo, not Halo 2. Don't make fun of me - I'm not one of those people who just HAS to have a game the moment it comes out - I'm content to play the "game of the year" from five years ago), we took at fun walk in Spencer Smith Park in Burlington. I'd never been there when not attending the annual RibFest so it was fun. Alexander enjoyed watching the occasional boat zoom by, laughed at the giant carp and the sea gulls, and engaged in lots of people watching.

That night we had Fran's brother Mike and his girlfriend Joanna over for dinner. It was the inaugural use of the new Fiesta Maximus BBQ we'd recently bought, which is 77,000 BTU's of power, 400 square inches of cooking serface, a side and back burner and rotisserie kit (insert Tim Allen-style "Ar, ar, ar" grunt here) We cooked a tenderloin roast using the rotisserie and back burner and I'd have to say that it was one of the best roasts I've eaten. Juicy and moist and melt in your mouth good. (Oh oh, I feel another burst of Tim Allen grunting coming on) - After we ate (and Alexander was put to bed for the night), we went downstairs and played some of the multiplayer options in Halo, which was a riot - we played some team games, with Fran and I against Mike and Joanna. I think Fran got a taste of why I enjoy the occasional "games night" because she admitted to having a blast and wanting to practice for the next time.

Sunday, after some morning house and yardwork chores, we took Alexander down to Bayfront Park in Hamilton for a nice long walk. Fran and I used to jog down there - it's 5 + kilometers when you run back and forth between Bayfront Park and the parking lot to the west of Cootes Paradise - and we thought it would be another fun excursion for Alexander. He enjoyed the geese (got to feed them some of his Cheerios from about a foot away, which he loved), the ducks, the live band, the sailboats and motor boats, and the plethora of people (and their puppies). Afterwards we took him down to Dairy Queen (Fran loves to call the place "Scary Queen" - she always has some great nicknames for her favourite places) for his first taste of soft serve ice cream. About the only thing negative about the day might be the giant blisters on the pads of my feet from wearing sandals instead of proper walking shoes.

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Shup said...

I've found another victim, umm, i mean friend to join in on our Halo nights. Usually at Adrian's, as he has the home theatre projector setup. We usually have about three XBoxes going on three screens. Pizza, beer, it's a royal blast. I'll make sure you're invited next time.