Monday, June 20, 2005

Freight Train Running Thru The Middle Of My Head

Despite the "off" day that my stomach was having on Friday, I certainly didn't want to cancel our re-scheduled "Hot-Luck" again. Glad we didn't. It was a good time. And, as always, there was plenty of good food and great company. The most complained about dish that night (ie, wow, this is too hot) was my neighbour Chad's "Buffalo Balls" - he added habanero, jalapeno and chille peppers into the meatballs he made and then cooked them in a buffalo chicken wing sauce - nice sweet hot taste with a painful afterbite. I got an email from my buddy Peter late on Sunday stating that he hated Chad at least four times that day. ('Nuff said?)

This time around, I made a new recipe that I called "Pizza Panic" - Francine made the dough using our bread machine, using Corona where the recipe called for either water or beer. I ground some dried habanero jalapeno and chille peppers and added them to a can of Unico pizza sauce and let it sit in the fridge for a few hours. I fried up some hot italian sausage with a little added garlic and hot banana peppers. I added this all to the two pizza's and the topped them with some pineapple chunks. In all, not bad at all. One of the other highlight dishes from that night were the chocolate cookies that a friend who couldn't even attend (her musical was opening that night at the Ottawa Fringe Festival), but Arianne had dropped these wonderful cookies off for me at work on the Thursday. A lovely chocolatey taste with a touch of cayenne for good measure - reminded me of a strong cinnamon bite - people enjoyed them as a nice follow-up to their meals.

The keg of Alexander Keith's India Pale Ale that I bought for the event was a hit as well -- it went down smooth -- as the party dwindled down, a few of us, Peter, Steve and Rob, sat in the basement near the bar, pulled a few more drafts out of the keg and whooped it up until about 2 AM. Steve and I (he and his girlfriend Julia were staying with us for the weekend) ended up sitting up for another 2 hours just chatting and catching up. We tend to always do that after the girls go to bed and while the loss of sleep is more difficult to deal with as I get older, it's certainly worth it.

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