Thursday, August 03, 2006

Just What The Doctor Ordered

It has been strange. I can't remember ever being unemployed before, but that's exactly what I am right now. I'd originally thought I'd be going directly from my old job at Indigo to my new one at McMaster University with a long weekend in between, but it actually worked out that I got a few days off in between.

It's been a strange kind of bliss.

But a long overdue time off (and not like other times I've been on vacation where I've still logged on to check email or answer questions - so far, it's been honest to goodness time off - quite unexpected, but I'm soaking it for all that it's worth)
I'm actually starting to see a part of myself that I have really missed. A more "non-Type-A" type of person who has actually relaxed and not been logged onto the internet for 18 hours a day, a person who can just sit back and enjoy life, enjoy spending fun family time, enjoy reading on the back deck, enjoy being a couch potato, and not stressing. Fran and I even went jogging a couple of mornings - 3 K the first day and 3.5 the second. (Okay, not back up to 5+ K, but I'll be there soon enough)

I like rediscovering this old Mark.

Though a huge part of me longs for a nice mini-marathon session of writing -- I'm already planning how I'm going to reorganize my schedule so I can ensure I get in at least 2 to 3 solid "writing" periods per week -- should be easier to do now that I won't be spending 3 hours per day commuting. (Okay, so I still have a few "Type-A" tendencies for my writing. I'm pretty sure that will never die, so why fight it? But ironically, sometimes I do my best writing when I've put it aside for a week or so and just do other things -- it's good to let my mind wander seemingly aimlessly and then come back to my writing full force)


lecram sinun said...

I usually write my first draft on a 2 week manic bender. Then let it sit for a week or three before I begin rewrites or edits. The time off affords me the opportunity to fall out of love with the piece... so when I do rewrite it comes from a more objective place. Though I'm guessing that this method is easier with plays than novels.

lecram sinun said...

p.s. it would be great if you would check out my 5-3-1 project since it is in a form that you have more experience in than I. Yes, they are all first drafts, klunky with warts and all... your opinion will be much valued. :)

HNB said...

Glad you're getting some down time. That is just so important to our wellbeing. Have a fabulous weekend.

.- said...

Enjoy - once you're back it'll seem like a fast dream

Sheri said...

omg - 3 hours a day commuting???!!! You must've LOVED your job. I think this was a great move. You'll love the extra time you'll have.