Monday, August 20, 2007

Is Too Easily Amused By Little Things

If there were report cards that could be sent home with me based on my every day experiences (not just my work day, but my life in general), there would probably be a comment somewhere on the report card that read:

Mark is too easily distracted and amused by little things

It reminds me, quite a bit about the types of comments that used to appear on my report cards in public school. Mark is a good student, but is too easily distracted by fellow classmates. Or: Mark is a bright student but often spends too much time trying to amuse his friends rather than pay attention to the focus of the class.

I suppose that's why, when I saw this video clip of Homer Simpson I thought: Poor Francine. she has to put up not only with the fact that this is the type of goofy thing I regularly do, but I'm also easily amused by it, and will spend hours of my time laughing and giggling when referring to it.


lecram said...

Came by to let you know that I've moved to


lime said...

lol, i am also among the members of the 'way too easily amusde club.' ifigure it adds to our chamr that we have maintained a sense of wonder about the world. at least that's how i defend it.

Anonymous said...

OMG that is SO funny! I love Homer when he does stupid stuff like that! It almost makes him cute, in a real "simple" kind of way.

tricia said...

LOL - Chad and I have been singing that song nonstop for the past week. Hilarious!

Ameratis said...

That is funny! I too am amused by the simplest thing and I often amuse myself greatly as well. I am surprised they haven't tried to lock me away yet.