Thursday, September 06, 2007

HNT - Books, Books, Books

Busy week at work. First week of school at McMaster. Selling lots of books. Endlessly restocking and helping students find their textbooks. While my body is busy schlepping books around, my busy mind is also working on books -- I have two novels in progress on the brain and am also formulating a novella that I plan on writing during NaNoWriMo in November this year.

I've got books on the brain, books in the back of my mind and books in my hand. When I close my eyes that's all I see. Thus, this week's picture my ghostly image surrounded by books.

'Nuff said?

(I'm hoping to return to the continuing saga of "Terror in Toyland" next week)


Cosima said...

A bookish work-out for body and mind :)!

Happy HNT!

S said...

Having books on the brain isn't such a bad thing!

Got it on my list, Mark.."take HNT pics for Toy Heck HNT" LOL

lime said...

oooh a very cool effect you did there. i like it! and if you have to be up to your eyeballs in something, books suit me just fine!


lecram said...

There are worse things to have on the brain. Love the ghostly image. Cheers and Happy HNT!

bsoholic said...

Awesome effect on the picture, and as lecram said - could be worse things.


Happy (belated) HNT

Ameratis said...

That is a really cool picture! Good luck with the first few weeks of school!

Melissa said...

great possible novel cover, don't you think. I myself and trying to rack my brain to start my first novel. I was thankfully pointed into the right direction by a good friend, The Writer behind the words is a great book that every writer needs to have in their collection. It is an excellent book that addresses the often overlooked 'emotional' needs of every writer – and is a great comfort book. I of course had these emotional needs. But what the hay, it's working so far.

Maybe I can get you to do my cover.