Thursday, September 27, 2007

HNT - You Will Believe A Dad Can Fly

This past weekend my buddy Steve was in town (to join myself and our buddy Pete at the Rush concert at the Air Canada Center on Saturday night) -- during the day on Saturday we played in the front yard, then headed down to the waterfront where we all played on a toy ship and play structure, the adults goofing around just as much as Alexander was. (Okay, well, at least I was goofing around as much as Alex was)

The whole time, Steve, a talented graphic artist, designer and photographer, was snapping pictures with his new camera. On Tuesday morning, Steve sent the following image to me. I'm still giggling at the hilarious little story he threw together.

The story features Alexander, his buddy Gavin, me (being my usual goofy self) and Francine. The photos, design and script are from the bizarre mind and talent of my buddy Steve Gaydos.
(Click on the image to see an enlarged view of it)

(Want to believe that on Thursday lots of bloggers get nekkid? Click below to learn more)


lime said...

it's not showing up for me for some reason and i can't click thru. boohoo:(

HHNT nonetheless. i just love the way you love your boy, your wife and your friends.

Zoely said...

I can't find the image? But you know I always love your postings in general...(you DID know that, right?)

Mark Leslie said...

Strange how the image disappeared! I've reposted it and it seems okay again (well, for now at least)

S said...

Very cool comix, Mark. I wonder what your friend Steve thinks of your toy story?

HHNT and sorry Im late, I sorta forgot!

tkkerouac said...

This is soo cool, Happy HNT!

Lapis Ruber said...

That is really amusing. Thanks. Happy HNT.

lime said...

yay! i can see it now! and that is just priceless. i think you should print that out and frame it. it's the sort of whimsical thing done artfully that deserves a place of prominence. HHNT

~d said...

(geddy lee rocks)

*whoops, sorry, must have been the husband talking thru me!

Happy HNT to ya!

~d said...

P.S. LOVE the (chick) saying Oh brother! HAHAHA

The Ethical Slut said...

Oh my gosh that is so cool! How did you do that?!?

Happy HNT!

Anonymous said...

Way cool! Thanks for the nice words Mark. Had a blast last weekend, was a nice reunion. I hope Alex has friends as true when he grows up. BTW this was too easy, the subjects, the technology were on my side for sure!

The regular Toyland posts are great, keep em comin! I could never match that crazy whit. ;)