Monday, September 03, 2007

Idiots Among Us

They have always been with us -- creatures that defy explanation, myths that suddenly become frighteningly real. Yet despite the promise of natural selection and all of the Darwinian beliefs that their kind should have died off a long time ago due to their own lack of intelligence or wit, every day we come face to face with the terrifying fact that they are all too real . . .

. . . they are the . . . IDIOTS AMONG US!!! (if you haven't yet guess it, the following post will be a rant)

I encountered one of the idiots that walks among us today while filling up my truck at the gas station. I wasn't on an idiot hunt, I didn't have my special idiot-detector equipment with me either. But she reared her ugly face and displayed her uglier intelligence all the same.

Her husband had just finished pumping gas into their vehicle and went inside to pay for the gas he had just pumped. Wifey was sitting in the passenger seat immediately beside the pump and when she pulls out a cigarette and lights it. Yes, lights it. Despite the common sense, despite the signs all over the place indicating no smoking (for the obvious, explosion causing possibilities a spark could cause)

I suppose it's not enough that she's stupid enough to suck on those cancer sticks and slowly take her own life -- I'm all for freedom and liberty -- but no, she wants to take a whole whack of innocent bystanders with her selfish idiocy of not being able to wait 2 minutes to light up.

Of course, I imagined her husband might have said something to her when he returned to the car. But no, Tweedledee just sat beside Tweedledumb and they both drove off together, ever the blissfully stupid couple.

Here's hoping these two idiots don't procreate; or at least, that I can maintain my distance from them while they go on doing stupid things and risking lives.


lime said...

i certainly agree with your final assessment....geees....

Rainypete said...

Sadly it is my belief that people like this are procreating at a rate that is outstripping the sane folks. There seems to be a sharp increase in the volume and intensity of idiot sightings as time goes by.