Monday, September 17, 2007

I Went Hiking With Joe Spivy

On Sunday, Francine, Alexander and I went hiking in Ancaster. We followed the Heritage Trail (which, includes visiting The Hermitage) from the Old Mill parking area and when we reached a section of The Bruce Trail that dissected it, we followed that for several kilometers.

We had an absolute blast, met lots of nice people on the trail and are looking forward to doing this again. The leaves have only just started to change colour, but it will be fun to see how the scenery changes as the next few weeks pass. Alexander enjoyed himself but spent so much time running ahead that by the time we were heading back I had to carry him. Oh well, hauling a 40 lb boy on my shoulders for several kilometers was useful in terms of getting some additional and much needed exercise.

(We are also, of course, interested in taking part in the Haunted Hamilton Ghost Walk of The Hermitage -- yes, because I'm not terrified enough of the dark or of the woods)

And next time, I'm NOT forgetting the camera.

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