Friday, February 01, 2008

Da Count - Snow Days

I love my job, and I enjoy working. Yes, I'm one of THOSE annoying people. Damn, it sure makes life easier when you don't have to painfully drag yourself to work every single day, but instead look forward to it. I'm lucky that way, because the core of my job involves the selling of books. Something I can be truly passionate about.

That being said, today McMaster University is closed due to "inclement" weather -- in other words, it's a . . .


WOO!!! HOO!!!

Something I love even more than my job is spending time with my family. Francine and I are going to enjoy a cozy morning of relaxing, reading the newspaper, having coffee and a relaxing breakfast. Then, later on Alexander and I will be taking one of likely half a dozen trips outside to shovel the snow (one of his favourite things to do -- of course, once the snow is piled high enough, we'll get to rebuild the usual "Fort Alexander" snow fort that we like creating -- based on the 15 to 20 centimeters we're expecting, we'll likely be able to do something like that)

(Cartoon image from Bill Waterson's Calvin & Hobbes)

So this week's count is being able to enjoy the actual winter weather we're supposed to be getting, and, of course, getting more fun family time to enjoy it.


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lime said...

we had one too, i just wish it was for actual snow, not slushy muck you can't play in. glad yours was playable. yay!