Sunday, February 17, 2008

Debbie Does Reality

Francine and I were flipped around the tube the other night, not sure what we were going to watch, when we stumbled upon a program on Showcase called "Debbie Does Dallas . . . (Again). "

Yes, it was referring to that classic porn movie from 1978 called Debbie Does Dallas.

Apparently, it's a reality series following director Paul "PT" Thomas as he works with a group of porn actors, all of whom want the coveted role of "Debbie" in the film in a re-make of that classic porn flick.

It wasn't quite as riveting as some reality shows can be, but it was amusing to see a reality program based on the making of a porn film. Having seen a bit of the behind the scenes of the making of this movie, I don't think they're being true to the original 1978 classic -- it looks like they're taking the modern version of "Debbie" in an entirely new direction.

We watched it for about fifteen minutes and had to admit it was slightly more interesting than this season's version of Trump's ongoing Apprentice reality series "The Celebrity Apprentice."

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BTExpress said...

I have the original Debbie Does Dallas. I also have Deep Throat. I never watched them. I just bought them for an investment. Who'd a thunk it that one day you get much better porn for free on the Internet?