Saturday, February 09, 2008

A Rush Of A Flush

Francine, Alexander and I just got back from a couple of days at Great Wolf Lodge, an incredible indoor water theme park in Niagara Falls. We were celebrating Francine's birthday and thought we'd do it with a water theme, since Francine is part fish.

We had a blast checking out the many different water slides, the wave pool, the splashy fort and the other water-themed play areas. Grand fun was had by all.

But I have to admit the most intriguing time I had was when I rode on The Vortex -- a tube ride that starts off in complete darkness, with a sudden and steep drop that throws you into a giant round bowl of water, where you spin around and around, waiting for it to eventually suck you into the giant hole in the middle and down another steep chute and into the pool below.

The coolest thing about The Vortex was that it felt like I was riding in a giant toilet bowl . . . hilarious. As I was circling, I kept imagining this giant hairy butt hovering above me, and that's what kept the ride scary.


lime said...

hahahah, we have a water park with a vortex too. and our kids do call it the toilet bowl. glad to hear the birthday celebration was a great time! happy birthday , francine:)

S said...

OMG that is hilarious! Little Rita is foaming right now at the thought of that ride...we dont have anything like that here.

But me, spin me around once and I am nauseous...I dont like spinning at all.....

SO if that was a giant toilet bowl, then you were the poop, Mark! LOL