Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Nice Signal, Buddy!

One of my pet peeves involves people who don't use their turn signals while driving. It's a simple thing, really, flicking this tiny little switch on the side of your steering column that helps inform other drivers of your intent to maneuver your vehicle in a particular direction. In some cases, the use of this luxury device installed on all motor vehicles could potentially help prevent misunderstandings and possibly traffic accidents.

Of course, with the complete lack of manners or simple courtesy in today's society, putting all of the incredible effort required into signaling your turn is obviously a huge waste of a person's precious, self-important time.

While driving I often comment aloud about the other drivers, particularly when I observe boorish behaviour.

It should have been no surprise then, to hear Alexander pipe up from the back seat a few weeks ago while we were driving, and in a very loud voice, shout out: "Nice signal, BUD EEE!" This fun little phrase has since become the mantra of many of our father/son drives. Another common one is yelling out "YOU'RE WELCOME!" after politely letting someone pull into the lane in front of us and not even getting a simple wave in response from that driver. (Of course, I only ever offer that courtesy to people who are signaling that they want to move into my lane -- no signal, no courtesy from this driver. I do have to draw the line somewhere)

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lime said...

hahahaha, i didn't realize how much i grumbled about the rudeness of other drivers until my boy gave me a similar check when he was maybe 4.

we have quite a lot of out of state drivers in our area and they are known for being a highly aggressive sort (read, exceedingly rude). one day i was growling about yet another inconsiderate driver and when i finished i heard a sweet voice from the backseat ask, 'aren't you going to tell them to go back to their own damn state, mom?'

color me red.