Friday, April 11, 2008

Da Count - Listen For Free & Share The Love

This morning the McMaster Daily News posted an article I wrote about McMaster alumnus Terry Fallis whose satirical novel of Canadian politics The Best Laid Plans was just short-listed for The Stephen Leacock Medal for Humour.

I'm counting the fact that as a bookseller I'm privileged not only with being able to deal with books all day, but that I often have a chance to help share the love and passion of reading with book lovers and book buyers.

But one of the truly best ways of being able to let a potential reader sample an author's style is via the awesome trend of podcast novels. I mentioned it here last week, but it's worth bringing up again. Podcast novels are a great way for readers to discover fantastic writers whom they normally might not have heard of. Check out for some great free reads by authors such as Terry Fallis, Scott Sigler, Tee Morris, J.C Hutchins, Seth Harwood, Matt Wallace, Mathew Wayne Selznick, Mur Lafferty and countless others.

I know the effect it has had on me, self-admitted book nerd. Once I start listening to a great podcast novel that has been given to me completely free and with no strings attached, I usually want to buy a copy of the book to own and also tell all my friends about them.

I suppose I'm also counting the fact that there are authors willing to take the risk and put their work out there for free -- so I'd like to also count their generosity and their talent as well as the good folks behind who make these titles easily available for free.



lecram said...

Anything to get the work out there is count worthy in my book. Cheers!

Stealth said...

that's cool- I had never heard of podcast novels before- thx for sharing ;)

Scott Sigler said...

Thanks for the plug! Free, and dammnnnn tasty.