Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Earth Hour Post Mortem

Francine and I enjoyed our "lights out" time last Saturday night so much, that we actually kept playing Scrabble in the dark until 10 PM. As planned, she did, indeed kick my ass. She often does, but we had a good time, sitting in the dark, chatting and playing a board game that we both enjoy.

It reminded me of simpler times, of those quiet dark evenings we used to spend sitting out on the back deck and chatting -- it reminded me of camping or of staying at a camp where there is no electricity and of enjoying the company of the person you are with rather than merely sitting beside them with your eyes glued to the idiot box across the room.

And I quite love the romantic atmosphere of a candle-lit room. Of course, since many of the candle-holders we have are skull shaped items, I rather loved the spooky atmosphere it also lent to the room.

It makes me want to do another "Earth Hour" this coming Saturday night after Alexander and Francine are in bed, writing to the glow of a few candle-lit skulls and the soft glow of my battery powered laptop and working on a ghost story into the wee hours of the night . . . or at least until the battery dies out on me.

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lime said...

glad it was such a great time at your house. that is an eerie glow from that candle holder!