Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Writing Show Contest - Great Cash Prizes

The Writing Show podcast is hosting their annual "First Chapter of a Novel Contest" with some fantastic cash prizes . . .

Like the very cool first prize of $1000.

Or the neatoman second prize of $400, third prize of $300, fourth prize of $200 and fifth prize of $100. How cool is that?

And for 10 lucky winners (chosen completely at random) they'll get 750 words of detailed feedback on their submission -- priceless advice for writers, IMHO.

The EARLY DEADLINE is May 20th with an entry fee of $25.00
The Late Deadline date is June 20th with an entry fee of $35.00

I was an honourable mention in TWS's first annual contest with the first chapter of my novel Morning Son, and quite enjoyed the experience. Of course, the whole Writing Show experience has been a lot of fun for me as apart from being a fan who gets lots of fantastic writing-related advice and tips with each new weekly episode, I am also a regularly returning reality show guest in the "Getting Published With Mark Leslie" series.

For this year's Writing Contest, not only am I honoured to be a judge in the contest, but I'm in some really fine company with Mick Halpin, John Marco, Tom Occhipinti, Ann Paden, and Paula Paul as the other judges. The final round of the contest will be judged by the celebrity judges who are: Wendy Barnard, Candace Lake, Simon Moore, Joe Nassise and Laura Wright.

You can read all about this fine panel of judges here.

And they're all so darned good looking if I might add.

(If you follow the link you'll get to see the giant photo that my blogger profile picture, Facebook picture, MySpace picture, etc was taken from)

Not only are the prizes great, but look at the opportunity to get your writing in front of so many pros in the business.

I mean, what's NOT to love about this?

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Rainypete said...

Oooooooh! If only I wasn't so lazy. I could cobble together something for them to use as an example of horrendous work!