Thursday, April 03, 2008

HNT - Buddy Pete

Wow, the combination of a nasty cold and unbelievably busy days and evenings prevents me from creating anything uniquely creative for HNT as well as from visiting my bloggy friends well into the late night hours.

So for this week, I'm simply "liberating" a photo taken by my buddy Greg Roberts of me and pal Pete Mihajic, who holds the honour (or painful distinction) of being the person with whom I've been friends with the longest. The poor guy, suffering through all these years of my friendship and somehow managing not to kill me.

Photo © 2008 by Greg Roberts

And yet, despite toiling through decades of friendship with me, he still manages to find the strength to smile when I try to hug him. :) Good old Pete.


lime said...

friends like that are precious as gold. thanks for sharing him with us. the smiles say so much. :)

S said...

But you didnt tell us how old you were when you met, or how. That would be a fun post!

BTExpress said...

I'd hug you willingly. Nice to have friends that would.

Rainypete said...

Must be something in his name. I can't picture trying to kill you either. We3 need all the odd folks we can get to keep our numbers up!!!