Thursday, April 10, 2008

HNT - The Exposure Continues

Episode 8 of Getting Publishing With Mark Leslie went live today on The Writing Show podcast which Paula and I recorded late last week. It's a perfect tie-in with Half-Nekkid Thursday, particularly given the manner in which I expose my frailties as a writer as well as the frustrations and challenges of the writing process. (Never mind how compromising a full night's sleep to keep going gung-ho on a writing project while working full time is causing me to continually fall prey to flu and cold viruses)

In this episode, I respond to the challenge from Episode 7 in which Mick Halpin asks me to not only write 10,000 words of my novel in progress A Canadian Werewolf in New York in the month of March but must include a character named Bricky. After a brief discussion, I read a few short scenes of the novel that I believe are quite humorous in nature, and reveal where I planted Bricky into the story.

In all, a fun and IMHO, interesting discussion with Writing Show host Paula B.

The photo this week (and which is being used for this episode) was taken by my good buddy Greg Roberts. Check out more of his photography via his website

I like it because Greg wonderfully captured a slice of life moment -- we were at the Levack ski hill with our kids and toboggans, enjoying a fantastically sunny and beautiful late winter afternoon in Northern Ontario. The photo is me, unabridged and exposed, balding head, gray hair, squinty eyes and all. I love it.

You've SEEN me exposed, now listen to me being exposed - right click HERE to download and listen to the podcast.


S said...

Guess what I got in the mail?
Gonna have some fun with that book, digicam and hairgel :P

Thank you Thank you!

Havent started reading yet...

lime said...

it's a nice shot. and great to know you were doing something you love when it was snapped.

Rainypete said...

Nice shot. You look so focused. Was there something shiny off frame?