Friday, April 17, 2009

EerieCon 11 This Weekend

I'll be attending EerieCon 11 this weekend in Niagara Falls, NY. It's a fun con, celebrating science-fiction, fantasy and horror. I'll be participating as an author guest in a number of different activities.


10 AM -Panel: Music To Read By
Can music add something to your reading or would it just distract you? What type of music would you use?

11 AM - Panel: Does Anyone Make a Real Horror Movie Anymore?
Remember when they created terror out of mood, an intricate script and, dare we say, subtlety? Why are so many horror films now just slasher flicks and torture porn? Can you name a recent film that was genuinely unsettling and not grotesquely revolting?

12:30 PM - Reading: Mark Leslie
Me doing a reading from some dark humour poetry and short short stories. I'll have a couple of fun giveaways for the audience.

1:00 PM - Panel: Genre Crossing
Do crossovers provide a bigger audience? Will an SF novel ever win an Edgar or a mystery a Hugo?

3:00 PM - Panel: What's Your Object When on a Panel?
Do you worry about being funny or entertaining? What, if anything, do you do to improve the "entertainment value" of a panel you are on?

4:00 PM - Panel: What's New With You?
Panelists discuss new or seldom used ideas or plots that have been used in print and media in recent years.


10:00 AM - Panel: When Does SF Become Fantasty and Fantasy Become SF?
Where does horror fit in? Can you effectively set out to combine them?

2:00 PM - Panel: I Want You, Beloved
If you could bring any one character to life, who would it be and why?

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Cynthia said...

Mark, your participation made eeriecon 11 a lot more interesting...if that's possible! Thanks.