Thursday, April 02, 2009

HNT - Scare Net

And here's reason number 14 that I don't work in an environment that requires me to wear a hair net. I'm too damn freaky looking with one of those things on (particularly since I don't really have that much hair to net) On me, the hair net looks more like a "scare net" (Of course, the shitty pair of 5 dollar sunglasses don't help the look)

This week's HNT picture was taken as Francine, Alexander and I were waiting outside the Walker's Chocolate factory in Burlington for an open house tour last weekend.

Cute aside: Just to the left of my head you can see a large scrap metal pile -- behind us was a scrap metal yard, with giant cranes hefting large compacted boxes of metal around. Alexander was convinced that WALL•E was over there and wanted to go check it out. I managed to convince him that he'd already left with EVE and they were on the Axiom rescuing the reject robots, so we returned to our quest to find Oompa-loompas in the chocolate factory.


lime said...

if it's any consolation i don't look any less freaky with a hair net on and i have gobs of hair as you know. i think they are designed with freakiness in mind.

BTExpress said...

LOL, I mean, very becoming.