Thursday, April 16, 2009

HNT - Dark Is Not Enough

I've been reading the electronic version of Necrotic Tissue since it first came out in January 2008 and have quite enjoyed each issue. It has been a fun, quirky and visually appealing magazine with some fine chilling short stories in it.

The editorial team has done a great job of keeping to their mandate of putting together a nice package for fans of horror fiction while supporting horror writers not only by offering a paying market but by striving for quickly turned-around personal rejections. (IE, helpful comments on why a story wasn't chosen rather than "blank" form rejections)

After six successfully received electronic issues, Necrotic Tissue will be coming out in print format. Their July 2009 issue will be the first print copy of the magazine. And I'm delighted to be one of the contributing authors to that issue, with my short short "Less of a Man."

While my pay for this story will come upon publication, I was delighted to receive a Necrotic Tissue t-shirt in the mail yesterday. It seems I completely forgot that, upon acceptance of my story, the editor asked for my t-shirt size, because all contributors, on top of their pay, get a snazzy t-shirt with the Necrotic Tissue logo on the front "...dark is not enough" on the back and "Published" in a tiny script on the left arm. The t-shirt is just really neat, and an extremely nice touch.

Good timing, too. Since I'm an author guest at EerieCon 11 this coming weekend in Niagara Falls, NY, I'll be delighted to wear this t-shirt and do my small part to help spread the word about this fun new small press magazine. The great thing is that people can check out the fine quality of the first six back issues in electronic form (available in both a high resolution and low resolution format) before they subscribe. Go check it out.


lime said...

fun! and congrats to you :)

Anonymous said...

Very cool, Mark! Congratulations!