Wednesday, April 08, 2009

Not Pod-Fade Away

A few years back, I started doing an experimental podcast that was a strange combination of snippets of my fiction and the "author notes" behind the writing of it. Called Prelude to a Scream, it was meant to be the testing grounds for creating a podcast version of my story collection One Hand Screaming.

The project ran out of steam at a certain point. It began with a technical issue that a podcasting friend pointed out to me -- one that, for the life of me, I couldn't resolve. Also, in my quest to make each episode as "perfect" as I could, I kept running into issues where I wasn't satisfied with the recording of a story or my rambling babble, and so ended up re-recording the same thing a half-dozen times and getting nowhere. And then the whole project went south when I began losing more writing time, and was reluctant to work on what I saw as a "past project" rather than work on new writing, and new projects.

However, given that my podcast seems to have faded away (a term often used for that in the world of podcasting is to "podfade"), I wanted to give it another shot, because, an avid listener of podcasts (both great writing podcasts as well as fiction podcasts, I really want to contribute to the world of free downloadable audio) -- And apparently, podfading is too generous a term to use for what happened to my podcast -- mine sort of just seemed to hit a giant brick wall one day.


But I'm going to make an effort to put out a new episode within the next couple of weeks -- perhaps something shorter, with a complete work of fiction in it. But at least something.

But nobody hold their breath.

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