Thursday, June 25, 2009

HNT - Clear As Mud

Photos from the Mud Run that I did a few weeks ago have been posted. Since I went by myself and didn't bring a camera, I don't have any pictures of me at the race (just a shot of my clothes on the grass after I got home)

I flipped through the list of mud run photos online and found a couple shots that included me.

Not very clear shots, but at least some sort of evidence that I did the run. (And, of course, that I sweated a lot) Here's one of them showing me only about 10 feet into the 50 foot mud pit. But it is proof to Francine that while I was quite mud covered, I wasn't quite as muddy as some of the others.

Oh, and I found out that, due to a mix-up with the race, I was one of the people who ran about 8.5 K rather than the full 10. I'd thought my finish time of 1:02:46 was a little too quick based on how I'd timed my 5 and 7 and 8 K runs previously. I'd been expecting it to come in at about 1:15 or so.

Oh well, it just gives me a better goal for NEXT year's run.


misterbuny said...

You will never convince me to participate in this run!

lime said...

how did you manage to stay so clean?!