Thursday, June 11, 2009

HNT - Mud Run

I've been working on a longer post describing both the "road" to my 10K Mud Run as well as the actual run, and I was going to run it with a picture from the mud pit. (They had a photographer taking pictures of the muddy folks coming through the finish line, so I was going to see if there was one of me to post for HNT.

Alas, the pictures are still not up. Nor are the run times. There was a bit of mix-up with the route, with some of the runners having taken the wrong path, so they're still trying to determine the "official" times of the runners.

According to my watch (which I couldn't check immediately following the race because it was -- you guessed it -- a bit covered in mud) I came in somewhere around the 1 hour mark. Either a few minutes under or a few minutes over an hour. Which was pretty cool because I figured I'd start to die after 8 K and have to walk or perhaps crawl the last 2 K and end up with a time of perhaps 1 hour and 20 minutes if I was lucky.

Hmm, maybe my new aerodynamic buzz-cut allowed me to move that much faster.

But in any case, I did run the 10K Mud Run "Canada's Dirtiest 10K" last Sunday -- and I have the mud-splashed runner's bib to prove it.

Further details about my not so intelligently planned training schedule as well as about the actual race are forthcoming in a later post.

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