Friday, June 26, 2009

Tweet Memories

I sold another Twitter length story to Tweet the Meat, a twitter-based e-zine of bite-sized horror you can consume in 140 characters or less. It went live last night at about 6PM.

The theme I was shooting for was "Retro" and my story is about a man who is just attempting to better his miserable life by having things back the way they were in his earliest moments of life. Here's my "author profile" on their blog.

'Nuff said -- go check it out at Tweet The Meat. And if you like it (and can find the time), check out my first Tweet the Meat story from a few weeks ago.


lime said...

congrats. the first made me laugh. the second made me wince!

Lynn said...

I'm always impressed that the Tweet the Meat authors (yourself included) manage to get so much creepiness in 140 characters.