Thursday, June 04, 2009

HNT - Hair Today, Gone Tomorrow

I got my very first official buzz cut the other day. Sure, for the past few years, I regularly got a "number 3" cut on my sides, but often left the top of my head (what little remains of the hair there) a bit longer.

This time, however, I told him to "number 3" the whole shebang.

I imagine that at least with that little bit of extra "longer" hair on top, the creeping baldness wasn't so obvious. Because when I got home and bent down so Alexander could rub his hands through my prickly stubble hair, he said two funny things.

First: "There's bare spots on your head, dad."

And then: "Dad. Someone took your hair."

I was pretty sure at that point he was going to go get his magnifying glass and announce that there was a mystery for us to solve: The Case of Who Stole Daddy's Hair. But he left it alone. At least he gave me a cute idea for a kid's book.

In any case, what better way to celebrate half nekkid Thursday this week than the barren landscape of my naked head?

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misterbuny said...

It really is too short!