Tuesday, July 21, 2009

40 Years After

Given how July 20, 1969 was such a significant date in history, with the Apollo 11 landing on the moon and the moon walk, I thought I'd take a moment on my blog to share my fond memories from that day.

I remember being absolutely fascinated with these really cool things I discovered on the ends of my feet.

They were stubby little things that sometimes wiggled -- try as I might I couldn't easily reach them, but trying was a lot of fun. I spent an endless amount of time staring at them and reaching for them.

Of course, I didn't yet understand that they were my toes, but they were one of the most fascinating things I'd encountered by that point.

Oh yes, and somewhere in the background there was a box with light and sound coming from it. I didn't yet understand what a television was nor did I understand the significant historical images flashing on it showing footage of humans first walking on the moon.

Hey, what can I say?

I was only 2 months old.

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lime said...

lol, and i was 9 months old. i was more concerned with crawling after the cat.