Thursday, July 02, 2009

HNT - Canada Day 1990

This week's HNT is a flash-back to July 1st, 1990.

Along with my best buddy's Steve and Pete and our friend Mary-Jane, we enjoyed a fun Canada Day celebration that included a concert at Lansdowne Stadium in Ottawa. Kim Mitchell was the featured performer that day and they were shooting footage for the video for I Am A Wild Party that day.
Here's my ticket from that day

This is Steve and I checking out the sights on Elgin Street shortly after the fireworks finished.
Parliament Hill is behind us and we're looking south down Elgin Street.
You can't see the crowds in the picture, but the street is mostly filled with
a mass of people walking down the middle of Elgin.
There's a cab to our right, but it can barely make it through the crowd.

Steve and I being goofy with the sleeves I'd cut off my t-shirt.
Don't ask me why - I thought it was cool. Can you tell we got some sun that day?


May said...

And you were not even that young at the time!

Georganna Hancock M.S. said...

Goofy, indeed, but still a class act!

So sorry to read of your family's loss ...

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